January 22, 2022
EE Mobile signal boosters

Does EE Have a Mobile Signal Booster Suitable forHome?

Numerous factors can reduce one’s signal strength. These factors include thick walls, basements, metal surfaces and certain types of glass, hills, high trees, many people with mobile devices, a lot of plants and furniture in a room, and many buildings surrounding. Distance from the user to the cell tower also counts. This explains why an EE mobile signal booster is important.

EE have customized their products to suit customers demands. They have signal boosters that can be used at home.

Mobile booster

A mobile booster improves the existing network signal inside a home. It takes one’s network signal, strips out all the interference, and amplifies it. The consequent mobile signal iscleaner and clearer. It shall give you four or five bars on your mobile phone compared to one or two.

  • No bulky cables or awkward installation will be used
  • With improved coverage, people will be able to save on their phones’ battery performance
  • It has seamless switching where you will not notice any change as you move to the regular network outside

Signal Box

Signal Box is a device that uses one’s home broadband connection to give a boundless reception around the house. It plugs into your broadband router and links to the EE network to offer indoor coverage.

It works by offering 3G coverage with an array of about 15 meters, so anyone with access can make a call as normal.

It works despite the broadband provider used. However, a minimum fixed broadband download speed of 512kbps and an upload speed of 256kbps will be needed.

One also needs a spare Ethernet port in their router, a spare power supply near their router, and a 3G-compatible phone on EE.

It can be used simultaneously by an average of 3 to 4 or 1 to 2 people depending on the broadband speed.

EE signal booster

EE Wi-Fi signal booster

This is a special device that is designed to serve as an intermediary between one’s computer that supports a Wi-Fi connection and their Wi-Fi router. It happens that a signal being sent by a router is not strong enough to ensure a steady connection within the entire area even if the router has sufficient coverage thus the importance of having a booster. The booster strengthens the signal giving the computer an opportunity for a sturdier connection.

  • It is small in size and very convenient for use.
  • It embodies itself as an EE Wi-Fi booster box with an antenna and does not have any additional elements that should be placed separately from the main one.

For installation and use, EE provides a guide is inside the booster box.