October 26, 2021
Modern and Contemporary Furniture

The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Furniture

When it comes to defining the difference between modern and contemporary furniture, the line is thinner that most fashion designers will ever admit. Unlike traditional or classical furniture that have clear distinctions, modern furniture is so closely related to contemporary furniture that most people talk of one while in the real sense they are trying to talk of the other. Sounds confusing, right? In this article, we try to draw the distinction between the two; and we can’t do that without first appreciating their similarities. Keep reading below.

contemporary-furnitureModern style; modern style in home building or furniture design, never changes. It’s a style that was developed in the 1920s up to 1950s. Prior to that, we had classical furniture pieces, most of which had been carried over since the Industrial revolution.

Contemporary furniture; contemporary furniture is so similar to modern furniture, only that it is ever evolving. This means that it continues to incorporate newer ideas and personal preferences. Thus, while the term modern furniture is a general term describing furniture pieces conceived between 1920s and 1950s, contemporary furniture pieces continue to evolve. If you go to a home and find nice furniture pieces that have been customized to suit the interior design of that home, or to conform to the individual tastes and preferences of the home owner, then that can be referred to as contemporary furniture. Exmaple to see built in wordrobes for homes.

In a nutshell, contemporary is a more appropriate term when it comes to describing the furniture you’re looking for. This is to say that each time you’re picking furniture pieces, with a description of what or how you want them to look like; you’re probably talking of contemporary furniture. Leather upholstery capable of withstanding outdoor weather conditions, or black steel chairs to compliment the look and feel of your home’s interior designing; all these specifications are what make modern furniture be referred to as contemporary furniture.

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